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[GUIDE] - ASUS P6T SE - 10.7.2 - 100% WORKING


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[GUIDE] - ASUS P6T SE - 10.7.2 - 100% WORKING


Most of this guide has been taken from this post - here


The following hardware is needed -


1. Usb storage (8gb)

2. A working Os X install (if you do not have a working os x install follow this guide and prepare your lion install usb within a Virtual Machine that is running Lion)

3. Asus P6T SE (Latest Bios)


The following files are needed -


1. Lionize - download

2. Install Mac OS X Lion.app (check out your favorite torrent site for this)

3. Champlist - download

4. xxxx for Lion - xxxxx

5. 10.7.2 Combu Update from Apple - download



The Procedure (taken from .: ErmaC :. post)


Log in to your working Os X install.


Open Disk Utility and partition usb storage and name the partition "USB Boot" without quotes.



Now open Lionize Folder and drop the 10.7.2 Combo update into the folder named Box.


Double click Lionize and follow all instructions to the end.


Reboot your Asus P6T to the bios and put all your settings to default, save and exit.


Hold down f8 on reboot and choose to boot from you usb drive.


Install Os X as you normally do rebooting at the very end.

During install be sure to partition your disk to guid and call the partition Lion, this is very important for later steps.


When your system restarts hold down f8 to boot from usb again and open terminal from utilities in the menu bar before you get to the installer and type the following -


./finalize /Volumes/Lion



Now you can boot from the drive you installed Lion to :)


How Do I get iCloud/appstore to work ????

Open champlist and create yourself another smbios.plist making sure to generate a new serial, Apple only allows 3 iCloud appstore accounts per computer serial number. save to extra folder on root of Lion overwriting the old one.

Here are the settings I used in champlist -


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