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Have all the main parts except Graphics Card


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Hey guys, I'm trying to build a hackintosh (no kidding, ha), I've got all the parts which were recommended by a friend who has recently built himself a hackintosh as well. My only problem is about the graphics card he suggested: I'm having a hard time finding it, especially on European websites -since I live in Europe-, and I was wondering if you could refer me to a compatible card with similar capabilities, as well as if this setup looks good.


Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 PRO B3

CPU: INTEL CORE i7-2600 Sandy Bridge

RAM: CORSAIR BENGEANCE 8GB KIT DDR3-1600 (I would get another for a total of 16GB of RAM)

Graphics Card: MSI GTS250 1024MB TWIN FROZR PCIE



Power Supply: COOLERMASTER GX-750W


Well, hope this is enough information. Thanks!

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I don't see why it has to be exactly that model. Search for GTS250 1024M.


You'll find several makes. Then check each one for quality (read some reviews) and for hackintosh compatibility.


Just wrote something earlier, but deleted it since I looked around a bit more.

Found this list. Has anyone had any experience using the GeForce GTS 450 for Snow Leopard? And does the make of the card have any affect on it being compatible with Mac OS.


Thanks everyone!

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