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Strange USB Issue on HP Pavilion DV5-1010

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So I just sucessfulyl install iAtkos S3 v2 (10.6.3) yet to make any updates from there but Im having a strange USB issue.


Basicly Ive been having this USB problem since 10.5.6 or so but I never really bothered to look into it beyond trying a few reinstalls and USB fixes...


The problem I have is this - My computer has 4 USB ports two on the right and two on the left.


The USB ports on the right work perfectly no probs whatsoever (I think!)


The USB ports on the left dont work at all! Weird right?


Up till 10.5.4 all 4 ports used to work seems the problem has carried over to 10.6


Can anyone point me in the right direction?


PS: All 4 USB ports work fine in Windows!


UPDATE: Ok It seems I was mistaken when I said the right 2 USB ports work fine. It turns out they only work IF the devices have been plugged in from before bootup. They no longer work if you unplug and replug it. Further it fails to detect hard drives.


m aware there is a thread on this somewhere so Ill have a look around. I think something about autostartUSB.kext or something like that?

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