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Periodic CD Activity (Noise) in Lion 10.7.2


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Hi there,


several question here for my HP 6730b and 10.7.2:


1. [sOLVED] Periodically there is some checks/activity in the CD tray which are noisy and annoying what could be the reason for these checks and how to stop them?

2. I'm using VoodooHDA, but either the sound ( with VoodooHDA 0.2.1) either the integrated mic works ( with VoodooHDA 2.7.3) what to do in order to combine them?

3. I'm using edimax EW-7811Un adapter for the Wi-Fi with the WIRELESS_RTL8192CuS_Lion driver and the Wi-Fi utility from the edimax site. But I don't have wi-fi icon in the upper right corner. How to enable that icon?

4. I'm unable to hibernate in win7. The option is available but it's not working correctly - it does some kind of sleep, not full hibernation.


Thanks in advance.




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booting from chameleon to windows 7 will cause sleep issues.. use win7 bootsector with easybcd 2.1 add mac with MBR (write win7 bootector also)


number 3 the wireless icon. thats a no go. its not a vanilla driver from apple so it wont use that icon.


please reword number 2 as im not sure of problem with voodoohda

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