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ALC 883 on LG R500 Laptop


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I have been working on this for several weeks now, attempting to get my ALC883 audio working in Lion (Specifically it is onboard audio in my LG R500 laptop) but it seems to be a little harder to get working than the standard ALC883. I have attempted all versions of VoodooHDA but they all give me kernel panics. In Snow Leo they also gave me panics or mic feedback but I was able to use a modified AppleHDA in Snow Leo to get it working. I have used all available modifications, rollbacks, bin patching etc I can find but still no luck.


I will attach a copy of my original DSDT pulled from the bios that does contain a simple HDEF as well as one with HDEF removed and some with pinconfigs I have attempted.


The ones with pinconfigs result in correct information in the System Information of Lion but nothing I do can resolve the "No Output Devices Found" in the sound options.


I'll also attach the codec dump and verbs from linux and IOREG output from the working Snow Leo and non-working Lion and also the working Snow Leo AppleHDA/HDEnabler and the non-working Lion AppleHDA.


If anyone can point me in the right direction of anything else to try it would be appreciated as at this point I seem to be out of luck.


Thank you,



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