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Please recommend MOBO for high performance i7 OSx86 system

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I'm new here and pretty much all OSX in my computing on an iMac, but I've built loads of PCs in my time.


I'm looking to built a PC for my son's 18th birthday next month and would like it to triple-boot OSX Lion, Window7 & Linux.


I'm prepared to put in the time & research to get it right but the starting point has to be a motherboard that'll play nice with OSX but still give great gaming performance.


I'm expecting the machine to have:-


Motherboard best suited to the task with 4+ Sata ports (suggestions please?)

i7 Processor

16GB of DDR3 Fast Ram

Separate 120GB Boot SSDs for Windows & OSX, together with additional Sata II (or III if OSX will support it) storage.


I currently have a GTX560Ti GFX Card I was intending to use, but am prepared to change that, particularly if I go for a water-cooled solution.


Can anyone recommend what they feel is THE best high performance OSx86 motherboard right now so I can get this project started?


Many thanks for any suggestions,



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