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atheros wifi ID 1062


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First appologies for my english, i'm a french guy.


This is 4 days past to try solved my wifi probs...


I read many thread about, into this forum an others, but i can't resolved that :.(


I use an acer emachines e725 (intel core 2 duo) , empire EFI with chameleon RC5, snow leopard 10.6.3


Windows was deleted.


From dpci manager, my ethernet card is: 1969:1062

i've not information about his device model :(

I try some differents kexts and now ethernet work, but wifi is not detected...


Please can you help me? Can you give me some link to tutorials, give me some help, i'm really desperate :.(


Thanks for all

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I think wrong way since 4 days :(


back my laptop, i found " this device contain wlan module broadcom bcm94312hmg "


Do you have an idea about my probs?

is that device id 4315? . sometimes it dont work.


best bet are to buy in ebay BCM94321MC or AR5B91


the AR5B91 is cheaper and sometimes available in half size .. right now ebay seller wondercity3 has one.. he is local to me but slightly overpriced.

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