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Can't delete Extensions.kextcache


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- osx86 10.4.6 installed ok

- installed on single sata drive

- I'm running an amd 64 X2 dual core

- to boot into it I have to type -v -x cpus=2


I've been told deleting Extensions.kextcache and Extensions.mkext will help resolve the "Still waiting on root device" issue but when I try to delete them I get a "you do not have sufficient privileges to perform..." error.


Anyone know why? I'm using an admin account so any help would be great.



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If you are getting the "Still waiting on root device" after you have installed, then you probably didn't choose the right packages in Customize during the installation. You should choose only AMD packages, not Intel. And choose SSE2 or SSE3, not both, depending upon the capability of your processor.


Deleting the Extensions.kextcache and Extensions.mkext is only for reloading kexts after making a modification to one of them.


Booting using -v only shows you any error messages during the boot. It does not help you get booted.


Booting using -x is safe mode. This means some of the features of the OS are disabled to allow you to boot so you can correct whatever is preventing you from booting normally. It is basically a crippled version of the OS.


With the correct packages chosen during the installation, using those boot options should not be necessary.



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I installed [from a patched Jas 10.4.6]:


- AMD base system


- Jas 10.4.6 combo update

- 10.4.6 Semja...

- and the patch for nforce4 chipset


- booting normally "still waiting on boot device"

- booting with -v says something about cpu=0 and

- booting with -v -x stops after firewire

- booting with -v -x cpus=2 works but of course there's no extensions loaded.


is it ok to leave out the nforce and semja? I don't see why the others would have a problem.


Here's my setup:


AMDX2 4200+

4 Gigs of DDR 400 ram

HD 0 = IDE [xp + data] 200 Gig

HD 1 = Sata [osx86] 200 Gig

HD 3 = Sata [more data] 300 Gig

Asus A8N-sli motherboard

Asus 16x dvdrw

Pioneer 16x dvdrw

Netgear wireless adapter

usb devices = digidesign mbox


Thanks again



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