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Turn you OS X Lion into OS X Lion Server


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Don't know if that's something new but couldn't find the tutorial anywhere on Google.


Created the file here and now Software Update finds OS X Server as Update.



Open Terminal Window And Type the Following commands:


cd /System/Libray/CoreServices

sudo cp SystemVersion.plist ServerVersion.plist

sudo nano ServerVersion.plist



Next edit ServerVersion.plist and change the following which I guess is just a cosmetical change maybe.


<string>Mac OS X</string>
<string>Mac OS X Server</string>




I like to use nano. Easier to edit the file right from the terminal.



sudo nano ServerVersion.plist


Reboot and download Server Admin Tools Package.



I tested it on OS X 10.7 and when I ran Software Update the Server Package Update is listed.

Also I managed to install the 10.7.1 update from the DMG file. That didn't worked before.


Again sorry if I posted old news.

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