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Kakewalk Installation Problems

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After working with a MBP for a few months, decided to try to dual boot OSX on my desktop, but running into some problems installing Lion with Kakewalk.


Here's my system.

Gigabyte EX-58 UD3R rev 1.6, BIOS version FI
i7 920
Spinpoint F3 (plugged into the white intel ones on mobo)
Sapphire Vapor-X HD4890
6GB DDR3 (removed a stick for 4GB dual channel for installation)


Bios is all set up. I made the USB as per Kakewalk instructions, but it hangs at "DSMOS has arrived every time. I have tried the custom FI DSDT from tonymac, as well as the default, also tried -x -v, same error every time. Error message picture is attached.


Any help would be fantastic.



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