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Slowly getting the kinks worked out of my Faux Mac.

Used iAtkos S3 for Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my Toshiba Satellite C655.

Found an Atheros kext fix to get net going well.


However, I have a DVD read/write drive that has issues.

It is a Teac:





The M.8C is the firmware, I believe.

However, just putting a disk in does nothing on my Hackintosh. But, if I put it in and restart the computer, it shows uo when back on.

I can't find any drivers for it, so need help there.


Also, my USB flash drive will read.

But my Targus High Speed SD/SDHC/MMC Micro SD/T-F Card Reader/Writer won't (and it is supposed to be plug-n-play, no install software).

I have the same issue with my SanDisk MicroSD/Micro SDHC Adapter card.


So any help?

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