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Sigmatel 9200


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I've been working on getting my hackintosh working for a few days now. I (finally) have OSX Lion installed and working almost completely. I have my video card working with QE enabled, and are able to play games like CS:S with over 100FPS maxed out.


My last problem is with my Sigmatel Audio. I have a Dell Precision 690 which uses the Sigmatel STAC9200. I've tried AppleHDAPatcher and numerous kexts that I found through a ton of google searches, all of which did not work. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Also, I do have an Asus Xonar DS 7.1 that I have laying around, I checked online and from everything I've read it isn't compatible, but if it is now and I just couldn't find it then that would work too! All in all I just obviously want to get sound working. This will be the last item on my list to have a 100% working Hackintosh that runs extremely fast.




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