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I have Inspiron 600m. I was able to successfully install 10.4.5 and when I rebooted it the first time around. My touchpad and keyboard did not work. It will recognize USB keyboard and mouse though. I reinstalled it again and while it reboot the first time around, my keyboard worked but not the touchpad. After I restarted it again, this time around my keyboard and touchpad both did not work. I searched the whole forum in vain.


I would really appreciate it a lot if someone can help me.


Thanks a lot


Dell Inspiron 600m

ATI Radeon 9000

40 Gig - Windows XP

20 Gig - 10.4.5

Supports SSE2

512 MB RAM

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If I had to guess, you installed the Universal 10.4.4 with 10.4.5 update install DVD. It has permission problems on a few kexts, PS2 being one of them.


With a USB keyboard/mouse, open Terminal and type:


This Universal Install DVD has screwed up permissions on specific kexts, namely:






and maybe:






The issue can be fixed by loading up terminal and typing:


cd /System/Library/Extensions

sudo find nameofkext.kext -type d -exec /bin/chmod 0755 {} \;

sudo find nameofkext.kext -type f -exec /bin/chmod 0644 {} \;


Disk Utility will not fix the problem automatically.

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