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[Solved] Patching AppleHDA for STAC9271D on 10.7.2

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Since I moved to Lion, I have some issues with sound. My motherboard is old but I succeeded to have my PATA, SATA, WiFi and my GeForce GTX 260 working. (Here is the Technical Product Specification of my board : Intel DG965OT)


For the sound, I tried VoodooHDA 2.7.2 and 2.7.3, but it works unevenly :) (Sound is crackling and inaudible sometimes). My Lion version is 10.7.2 GM.


So I tried to patch my AppleHDA.kext but I'm noob on this and I didn't succeed to make it work...

I followed this topic and I have taken the keys PathMaps, LayoutID, HDAConfigDefault and PathMapRef from this old kext. I didn't found the key CommonPeripheralDSP in this kext, so I left the original key in Platforms.xml, but I think it's wrong. I didn't know how to create this key for my codec.

My codec is SigmaTel STAC9271D, I also bin-patched the file AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleHDA, replacing the 4 instances of 8B 19 D4 11 by 86 80 4B 28 (because I think that the Device ID that I have to replace is 284b:8086 but I'm not sure at all. Is this the device ID in the GetDump.txt file ?)

Finally, I use a DSDT HDEF Patch for enabling with the same LayoutID of my AppleHDA.kext (LayoutID=4).



Here is an archive with the AppleHDA.kext I have begun to patch, my GetDump.txt, my PinConfig from Windows 7 and a LinuxCodecDump of my codec I found on Internet.


Where did I make a mistake ?

I really want to get my sound working :D




And obviously, sorry for my english :P


EDIT : I finally have VoodooHDA working on Lion 10.7.2, the sound was distorted because of the "Generate C-States" and "Generate P-States" boot options were activated in Chameleon, strange, but it's work.

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