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About HD Video Editing/Vfx HEKINTOSH System

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Hello All,


I have a project to edit full/real hd video. I have gone through a lot of material concerning the subject..I read specification of MAC PRO also...But still i'm not confidant enough to start with..meantime i came to know this, one of the authoritative site...So I NEED HELP.


I want to built HEKINTOSH with LION os for HD EDITING (FCP) / VFX (After Effect).


My workflow: Shoot on HDSLR (5d) ->>

Editing / vfx on Hekintosh with lion and fcp -->>

Distribution on .MOV file for blow up (reverse telecine) on 35 mm, DVD, Blue ray Disk.


I have some questions:


1. What is better? A system with one high speed cpu or two lower speed cups (multi processor)? (around 345 $ for cpu (total single or multi) is ok)

2. Desktop or Server?

3. Do i need Blackmagic or AJA card for above mentioned workflow? Will the card help in processing?


4. Plz. i would be greatful if some one of you will mention all COMPONENTS for the system...I dont want to

spend a lot of money otherwise i could have bought Mac Pro


Thanking You All of You in advance.

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