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Belkin F5D7010 Wireless PCMCIA Lockups

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This is my first post here, so i just thought I'd say that i've searched all over this site (which is amazing and has helped me so much so far, thanks) to find out any clues that i could for this little problem of mine.


Well, on my Toshiba S1292 laptop, I've got installed 10.4.5 with JAS updates to 10.4.6 ans 10.4.7. So, I've been trying very hard to get it to go wireless. I purchased a Dlink F5D7010 V3001 PCMCIA card. The one with the Ralink Drivers. So i downloaded them from Ranlinks site and installed them and rebooted. All is good, untill i pop in the card. The system completely locks up, visuals, mouse movements...i get nothing. When i pop the card out, it resumes back to normal and unfreezes...


If i check the console while i do this, it proceeds to load the card, but locks up on a line that says IRQ 11.


So, giving up thinking the card might be bad, i exchange it. but the new card still is the same. There was also a version 5000, so i picked up that one as well. This one uses the Atheros AR500x based card. Airport sees this card, but as soon as i attempt to turn airport on, the computer locks up again, just like with the Ralink based card. I tried changing the IO80211Family.kext as well but no luck.


Could this be some kind of a hardware conflict? Are irq conflicts possible? the Atheros card also mentions something about irq 11 in the console when it melts down.


So just as a final check, i bought a Belkin F5D7050 USB v3 adaptor and it works without a hitch using the wireless utillity, but its a bit annoying to have sticking out of the back of the machine as it falls out too easily. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. I can supply the console feedback if needed, but i'm on XP at the moment so i apologize.

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