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AMD User Needs HELP!


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Sorry for my english - my native language is russian...


Here is my problem:

I've got a config as in my signature.

Installed JaS 10.4.7 dmg version. Customized with amd patches and viaata patch.

After install i used 10.4.7 amd update with senjaza decrypts.

Network started with forcedeth. Video - with macvidea drivers.


All seems ok - very stable. But i got annoying freezes all the time... I cant listen to mp3's - they stops every 3 secs (even graphichs in quicktime stops). I cant play in logic with my midi keyboard - i got sound stops and graphics stops. Even now i dont see what i type - only few seconds after :( I cant scroll anything and i cant move windows - they freezes and after that moves with mad speed.


I tried to disable 1 core with cpus=1 - my system halted at boot with blue screen (with -v it showed something like "bonjour unknown error 0". And with cpu=1 i see two processor lines during boot wih "=enabled" in both of them...


idlehalt=0 dont help ;)


I dont know what to do :( I cant do anything with that freezes.


If there is any patched kernel for amd which works good - please PM me... Ill better use SSE3 with 1 core - just tell me how to do it if "cpus=1" isnt working...


Thank you!

Ill wait for solution!


P.S. i found that on some russian forum that myzar has compiled his first 10.4.7 kernel for amd64 is that truth?

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ok, i made it myself...


for others wuth same problem - 10.4.7 jas has some strange kernel.

i found other kernel in the "reboot" thread. after installing it i can use cpus=1. i dont have any lags anymore... system works fast as hell.


only problem is shut down then rebooting :gathering: but i can live with it :happymac:

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