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[Q:] Dual-boot OSX86 and Linux


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I want to dual boot OSX86 and Linux. I tried once and failed because Darwin bootloader did not recognize the Linux partition. My partition is as follows:


/dev/hda1 = OSX86

/dev/hda2 = Linux root partition

/dev/hda3 = Logical Volume

/dev/hda5 = Linux swap partition


/dev/hda1 is set to active


Here's my questions:


1) Is Darwin's bootloader stored in the hard disk's MBR or in OSX86's partition superblock?

2) Where should I keep GRUB when installing Linux? MBR or Linux's partition superblock?

3) What do i put in the bootlist file to "see" the OSX86 partition?

4) Which partition should I make active?


Thanks a lot.

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