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State of the wireless PCI cards on Hackintoshes


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I'm willing to buy me a wireless PCI card for my Hackintosh, but after hours (really) reading this forum, I'm just getting more and more confused.


In previous OS X versions, some PCI cards featuring various Atheros and Broadcom chipset were recognized natively (no .plist hacking needed) as Airport Extreme adapters. It seems that 10.4.6+ broke that (after what I read in the forums and the HCL wikis).


Now it looks like cheap Ralink 2500-chipset based cards may work with a Universal Binary driver provided by Ralink themselves. But it hasn't been formally confirmed and I don't like the idea of drivers not developed by Apple (call me paranoid, but we all know what happens when 3rd parties write closed source drivers for closed source OSes).


Some have luck with USB adapters but I don't really want something like a network adapter on my USB bus... doesn't seem to be a good idea.


So is anyone here running a PCI wireless adapter on 10.4.6+, with no patching, no drivers from 10.4.3 and no (or really minor) .plist editing? I know I can hack them, use older drivers and all, but since I plan buying a new card, I'd prefer to make it as future-proof as possible.


Please share your experiences with working PCI cards.



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