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Installing Lion 10.7 on a G74SX

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Hello everybody! This is my first ever tutorial on the forum and I hope everybody enjoys it!


What you will need:


Computer running OS X

Minimum 8GB Flash Drive

Access to the internet


G74SX Kit: G74SX.zip


(Assuming that you have 10.6.8 already installed, if not do so or access another mac)


Follow this guide to make a bootable Lion flash drive:


DONT USE THE CHAMELEON IN THE GUIDE! Instead use http://www.kexts.com/view/1820_[pkg]_chameleon_2.1_r1518.html

or the chameleon wizard in the G74SX Kit



1. Plug in the Lion flash drive and turn on the laptop

2. Hit escape when the Asus logo shows and select your flash drive

3. Choose your installation in the chameleon loader

4. Install

5. Boot into the chameleon loader again but this time select your Lion installation



1. Download the G74SX kit

2. Using the kext loader, install all the kexts in the package into System/Library/Extentions

3. Repair the permissions of S/L/E (may take quite a while)

4. Copy the "Extra" folder from the kit into the root of the installation drive and Reboot into chameleon and boot Lion again.

5. Go to System/Library/Extensions/

6. Open up a terminal window and type

sudo su

Enter your password when asked then type

"nano" (without the ") and drag NVDAGF100Hal.kext into the terminal window

7. A text editor inside the terminal window should appear. Insert


(without ") below


Press ctrl + x to save

8. Install the latest Cuda drivers from:


9. Reboot into chameleon and boot with these flags: GraphicsEnabler=Yes GraphicsMode=1600x900x32

This will enable graphics acceleration and increase the resolution.


Other Thoughts:

Everything works but the SD card reader! If you have a G73SX-BBK7 Best Buy edition like me, the WIFI will not work either because there is no kext for the Intel Centrino -N Wifi and WiMax network card. If you have any other model, you'll be fine! I couldn't get the Chameleon.org.boot.plist to work properly (caused kernel panics) so I have to type in a flag every time. It might work for you.

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