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Set OSX boot partition from windows

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Firstly, love the quiz for new users! Such a great idea :) and a wide array of questions!


Short History:

I'm trying to work with an existing image deployment system to rollout windows 7 onto a fleet of macs (at the users digression) which have already been formatted and partitioned in advance for bootcamp.


Technical Details:

Were using Deploy studio to run a task sequence which partitions the drive, and loads a disk image containing OSX and a bunch of other tasks. Ive almost got a windows image ready for rollout which will be pushed out from deploy studio as part of the workflow.


Our OSX image contains an installation of the refit bootloader and is set to always boot to this.


Our windows image is a SCCM task sequence. For those unfamiliar with this just assume its a windows and application install but it reboots several times without user input.


The problem:

We want our users to only see the refit bootloader to make the boot option choice as easy as possible for them, however during the SCCM task sequence whenever the system reboots it goes to refit and we have to sit at the machine during the whole imaging process (not fun if your doing 1 or 200 machines...) Now we know how to set windows to be the default boot as part of the deploy studio process but the issue is after the SCCM task sequence is completed how do we set refit to be the default boot again? I know that refit offers a script to run from mac, however we need to run this from windows. (our mac image also reboots 2-3 times as part of deploy studio with binding tasks etc)



Our goal is to have a no user input system to reduce technician time and eventually offer a user self-service imaging solution, as such the only way I could think to accomplish this is for a command line tool from within windows to be run after SCCM has finished its tasks. (This should be easy enough to do depending on the type of command)



So in short, does anyone know of a way or a command that could be used/run from within windows to set the OSX system as the active boot disk? I was thinking diskpart but not sure what command to use exactly.

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Oh and on a completely unrelated matter :) anyone have any tips regarding right click functionality? in particular a way that could be scripted or push out settings to enable right click functionality on a trackpad? we don't provide mice to our students.

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Not sure if this will help you but apple has a program called Bootpicker which allows the user to pick the OS at login. It always boots to the OSX partition after a Windows shutdown.

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