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Dual Link DVI Port Functioning?


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I have been pounding my head looking for a dual-link DVI port on a graphics card that actually works. I have seen a few DVI that work out there, like the 1600xt silent from Asus, but to order that card which might be a version 2 or 3... 3 not working right now.... I was wondering if anyone knew of a card that functions with full Dual-link DVI and QE as well. I'm looking to get the 30" lcd and need one that works. Any ideas?



EDIT: The Asus x1600xt does not have DUAL-Link... this coud be why it's DVI works, when most others do not! Innnnteresting!


Edit2: Also... Add2 cards are not going to cover this high of resolution, so the Dual-Link capabilities on them are somewhat worthless.


Right now I'm debating whether I should buy a x1900xt.... or wait and see if/when macvidia gets QE/CI working. Not sure which to wait for. Or I could just say, meh, and actually/finally get a mac.... because after all is said and done I could have bought a macbook pro a while back with all the piece-ing I have done. Oh well.

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