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hallo and sorry sorry my english i'm italian...

i have P4m 2200 sse2 work!

radeon 7500

full hdd clean (60gb) internal, nothing windows!

i have tested 10.4.1 jas work but have many problems

i have tested oder release but not instal, freeze mouse and keyboard

i have tested 10.4.6 by jas mouse e keyboard free,but if i toggle mouse the keyboard work,and installation finish good

at the reboot after finsih installation,show presentation with audio and after:" you never keyboard)

help help help please


p.s. kyeboard in notebook, mouse usb,and i tryed other 10 mouse...nothing but, why with 10.4.1 work?





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Maybe Mario can help you out... (sorry, bad joke)


I found that in my DVD installer, the ApplePS2Controller kext had bad permissions which prevented it from being loaded. Thus, my OSX couldn't detect my keyboard and mouse. I used a USB keyboard/mouse to finish the installation, opened up Terminal, and fixed the permission. Rebooted and everything worked after that.


Remember, Macs don't have PS2... they use USB.


Search the forum for "acer 3624" and read it. It tells about my installation problems. It could help you.

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