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Post-Insall: Keyboard & Trackpad not working

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Hey there,


so I installed Input Remapper as it was proposed in another board to solve some issues my MBP (late 09) has with fan speed on windows (they are not speeded up properly when CPU load increases and therefore the laptop heats up and performs a emergency shutdown when in deep gaming action).


After rebooting, I had to find out that neither my keyboard nor my trackpad or USB mouse were working on the logon screen of Windows 7.


So I tried booting in Safe Mode, no changes. I also delete the "Input Remapper" folder from my W7-partition, no changes either.


I'm hoping someone around here still reads this and might be able to help me. I'd really like not to reinstall W7 from scratch, if possible.


Maybe I have to delete / replace some DLLs that Input Remapper installed? Any help?

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