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installer doesn't finish installing

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I have a Dell Optiplex 280, which has a SSE2 capable cpu, intel 4. I am installing onto an IDE drive that I formatted completely. My windows xp is on a SATA drive that I turned off throuhg bios so I don't screw anything up by mistake.


I formatted my extra harddrive, set one partiton ntfs to active and made sure it was primary using diskpart in msdos. I created another partition as a logical partiition and formated it fat32. I restarted, turned off my windows xp hard drive, and set the boot order to load up that dvd.


The hotiso dvd (10.4.6) I was using worked fine the first time....so I thought. I went to the drive utility, reformatted, exited out. I started the installation. I selected the combo update for intel, the sse2 patch, and that's it.


The first time the installer quit and said "there was an error installing the software" and the only option was to restart. The second time I let it finish checking the dvd, but it said there was a problem with thte dvd, which I ignored. The third time it starts up with the grey apple logo with the no-smoking sign as someone else stated. The fourth time I got this message to check the dvd for scratches or something, so I burned another copy.


With the new dvd, the installation process works great until about 80% into the installation of the slavja (sp?) and other guy's decryption for intel, then goes to the error screen and tells me to restart.


Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

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