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Installed, Made Active rebooted but in Vain 10.4.6


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Hello Everyone,


Im a first time installer of Mac OS X on PC. I went through the instalation just fine, i installed the SSE, SSE2 and 3 patches, the AMD patches, the works.


Then I booted off the DVD again, went into Fdisk, used the fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 command.

that made it active.


Just to make sure, I also used the Bless command that worked real nice.


i got no b0 errors after that.


heres the kicker though. I removed the DVD and rebooted. I aksed me if i wanted to see startup options, i pressed any key.


it then went ahead tot ake me though a zillion lines of command lines, that were apparently loading something, only reboot. repeating the same process again and again and again.


Please Advise.



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