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Greetings, N00b here, just installed, not bad.

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Hey everyone, just thought I'd post and say great work, very good howtos on the wiki.


Just installed 10.4.7 on a Dell Dimension 9100, 820D, Nvidia 7800 GT. (No SB driver, so turn on the Onboard audio...)


Put the Macdriver 108 on, so running at 1920x1200 on the 24 lcd, looks damn good.


Network card works fine, Sound isnt working, load error on the AC97 hacked extension, I'll work on that later.


Graphics is ok, but seems like it thinks there is a 2nd monitor, but looks like a common problem with the macdriver. No Quartz Extreme :D


My Real OSX box is a dual G4 1.42 Tower with an ATI 9800, used as my other wow box and ssh/squid box.


Not bad, had to delete my vista partition, needed a real partition for grub to work. Oh well. ;)



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