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geekbench SL-3770 XP-2990

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i got interesting results with geekbench under the same specs.

dual boot with XP SP3 and SL 10.6.8 both 32 bit.

latest vestion of geekbenc in both systems.


snow leopard gives 3770 and XP only 2990 (in some cases can go up to 3000)

this is a huge difference and i think SL is faster but by that much?

double checked bios settings and even tired with C1E disabled but the same results

any idea why is that?


its an Asus P5GC-MX1333 E6750 2 GB DDR2-666 (4-4-4-12) and it's not overclocked so runs at 2.66


there are submitted results at geekbench website ranging from 2800 to 4300 (64 bit) on both operating systems.another question is how's possible that the same config (not OCes 32 bit) has around 4000 points (in SL) while mine only 3770?


edit: partly figured it out. win geekbench uses another scoring (so as Solarid as the same config gets 5000 points) since i saw other 2900s... or SL is really THAT good.. this is the real question here.

older SL versions produced 3800+on my hack anyway and the another 100 must be some very tight latency setting on good rams

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