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Back to tiger ;)


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Intel iMac 20"


Just get back to tiger, 10.5 is nice and will surely be better than tiger but for now it is still a bogus os.


the seems to have drop suppot for rosetta.


my everyday use apps ar all prepress softwares and all the cs is still unavailable as universal binary. quark 7 universal keep crashing. indesign was usable though, illustrator ! when i use the select tool and make a click on an object its as if theres no ai interface in front of me and like im clicking on just what is behing the ai interface: if its the finder i get in the finder or any other application behind.


Photoshop OK but some unexpectedly quit


quark 6 never start up


no problem on any java apps im using : cidero, ldapbrowser


no problem with apple remote desktop


rendering problem with idvd


when i first open firefox it was not displaying frames correctly.




what i liked:


1st Mail


2nd Space


3rd Time machine - on an external of 300 there was after 5 backup - 1 folder of 140 gb + 1 of 70 + 1 of 75 + 1 of 70 + 1 of 70!!!!



havn t look too much around in the sys files and folders


thers lot of littlething changed:

print setup utility

no netinfo - i think will b fully command line

directory utility


+ lot of other options





had had a lot of kernel panic





i will keep leopard though on my kwadd g5 as no much trouble with my cs apps which are still for ppc.


since 3 days no kernel panic on the g5, boot twice in 3 days




transition back was painless:

archive and install :(


took me exactly 56 mins from booting with c press to finder with user account in use. ive just move my users account to the new user folder and re add the account in sys prefs.

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the intel one.


Which version of G5 do you have?


i got a 4x2.5 and i can only boot from the 10.5 dvd i burn and from its original tiger install dvd. booting from a 2pro 2.5 g5 dvd result in kernel panic, booting from retail version of tiger OK, booting from panther cd = kernel panic, tdm & install from another mac = kernel panic on boot after install!!!



strange ya, but had never fight with it and have also a backup of the original installs dvds just in case of.




Archive and install was straight on the intel imac, no trouble encountered.

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Actually I resolved the problem... it was cause I was using a backup copy of Tiger to try ro boot.


Using the DVD that came with the computer resolved the problem and now I'm running in Tiger again. Got quite a scare. :)


Thanks anyway!!



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