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Can I install osx86 on Amd64 3800+& MSI K9N Neo-F?


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Hello everybody,I'm a chinese OsX fans~

I'm trying to install Osx86 on my PC,But some issue make me stop~


I had install Jas 10.4.7 OsX86 in a 20G IDE HD already~

JaS 10.4.7.DMG chose the AMD kernel / AMD 10.4.7 Combo Update / Nforce Sata support(I'm not sure about this)


But i can't boot it by HD(but i can use it in VMware)


I use -v to boot osx~But it's stop at here (look the DSC00002.gif)


i think i need help about this~:)



PS: my hardware list


CPU AMD 64 3800+ (AM2)

Mainboard MSI K9N Neo-F

Gcard XFX 7300GT


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when you pick "customize" button during install.


make sure you don't select the SSE3 for AMD or for Intel.


I don't think SSE3 installs properly. but it will still use SSE3 in the Operating system.


i did this with 10.4.6, and it gave error.


then i try without SSE3, and it worked fine.


try a reinstall =)


OH, and skip the DVD verification when it's installing. you dont need to verify disk.. it will go faster

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