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Why does my network (BCM5721) only sometimes work after boot?


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My hackintosh works mostly well (P4/3ghz, 1gig ram, sata hd, fx5200 vid) except for a strange problem with my network. My mainboard features dual BCM5721 (broadcom gigabit extreme) ports. On some bootups, OS X detects the network adapter just fine and my LAN works fine.


Other times, OS X boots up and does not enable the LAN ports. The LED's on the jacks literally go out during the boot sequence and don't come back on.


I can reboot repeatedly until OS X enables the LAN -- sometimes this takes 2, 3, or 4 reboots.


What is going on? Nothing else about the system is changing between boots. Simply, OS X sometimes enables the LAN, sometimes does not.


I am using OS X 10.4.7 upgraded with the Jas and Symzar patches, but this behavior was the same when I originally installed 10.4.5 from myzar iso. I've tried to replace the ionetworkingfamily kexts from 10.4.5 and 10.4.7 (official apple) but these didn't fix behavior. All I want is my network to be enabled on every boot!


Any ideas?




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I don't know any specifics, but a search of the board reveals this:


ErBiC says: "Also had to extensively edit a couple kext files to get my Broadcom 5721 (I think that's what it is...) working."


Two threads on getting Broadcom ethernet working:




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