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FCP 1080p time lapse output

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Hey everyone,


Looking for a little help with a time lapse project I'm finishing up.

Everything needs to be 1080p, but I'm having trouble choosing the best/correct sequence settings and output settings.


All photo's are native 1920x1080 res.

I've tried a few different settings but I can't seem to get a good output (tried different file types) in 1080p.


I thought I had it but when I import the photo's they aren't taking up the entire screen as they should, there is extra black space on both sides.


Or FCP wants to set the resolution at 1440x1080.


Any input...?




ps. for the final product I would like 2 versions. One will need to be full 1080p in excellent quality and one will need to be 'good' quality that could be emailed or downloaded from my file server but still keeping the 16:9 aspect ratio.

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