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Linux from firewire drive?


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Hi - I've gotten Ubuntu installed onto a Linux partition on my external drive. There's also an HFS+ partition on the drive as well. I compiled the gptsync tool from rEFIt on OSX so I could give it a MBR table that matched my GPT table. When booted from the Live/Install CD, I ran grub and told it to install on the linux partition itself (NOT the main MBR table), in hopes that rEFIt will see it and allow me to boot from it. Well, rEFIt does indeed see it, but when I select it the screen goes black and it tries to boot XP that's on my internal disk.


Unless I'm mistaken, I MUST boot from the MBR table if I want accelerated drivers to work (meaning under Boot Camp), so using the EFI-patched GRUB won't cut it. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


Oh, I should add that I'm using an Intel-based Mac Mini - and the external disk is GPT format with an MBR table synced with it.

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