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Boot Trouble.


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I have successfuly installed the OSX 10.4.3 JAS, I have also successfully booted into the OS. However, after I've made some change to the display kext in the extension folder, now the boot hangs at the grey screen, the thing will just keep spinning. I load up the step by step booting, the sequence will get to:

SAM Multimedia: read or write failed, ASC = 0x11, ASCQ = 0x05. Disk1s2: I/O Error


and then it will just keep repeating it self, after every 5 failed attempts, Disk1s2: I/O Error pops up.


I can't even try to get to Darwin, when it boots up, it goes to the grey screen directly, skipping the Darwin boot options. The only way I got to read the error messege above is through the install DVD, which Darwin loads up but still hangs at that point.


I switched hard drive, still no luck.


Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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