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Ive installed Osx86 with VMware, its the myzar release. the reason that I installed it true VMware is that the booting priocess with the dvd didnt work because of a panic.


So back to the installation, as i said i installed it true vmware its was fast and i was sitting in the chair with a big smile until the restart. I restarted the computer to try booting into Mac OS x86 no problem first time i saw the blue screen and suddenly the mice popped up :D but the it hangs.


And now after probaly 100restart attempts its still freezing on the blue screen so i tried boot with -V And the i saw this panic message:


Panic (CPU 0 0x00193422) FPU overrun extencion kernel ... something, what went wrong? I choosed ONLY the newest intel patch on the installation.


And here is my specs:


Computer name: Fujitsu Siemens Amilo D1840

CPU Intel Pentium P4 3,00ghz Codename: Northwood extra: Hyper Threading.

Chipset: SiS 645FX

Memory: 768DDR freq: 133mhz

gfx: ATI Mobility Radeion 9600series


The reason i tried installing mac os x was that my computer was listed under the HCL sites on Wiki. and there it was listet with 10.4.1 version and compatible with 10.4.3.


Best regards.

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Guest bikedude880

You mention that you selected the newest Intel patch, so I am asuming that you selected the SSE3 patch. I would recommend doing an install with the SSE2 patch instead and see how that works.

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