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Ideneb v1.5.1 Boot hanging/Buffer error


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Hi, after approximately 23 installs in the past 4 months I have been suffering with boot hanging. In verbose, right after MAC Framework, there appears a new line of text displaying the buffer information. For your information I have read similar topics and have understood that this may be a acpi thing of some sort. Also I have left it with this error for more than 4 hours straight, so I conclude that this is not normal and may have to do something a boot flag. So I leave it up to you more successful users to help me out because you may have encountered a fix.



processor:Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz

instructions: mmx, sse (1, 2, 3, 3S, 4.1) EM64T

HDD: 2 partitions, Total 640 gb

manufacture: Gateway

arch: x64

chipset: p45, p43, g45, g43

ram: 4gb ddr3

graphics: ( I have two cards) Integrated: Intel GMA 1gb; Added: Nvidia Geforce GT 430 1gb

OSX86 distro: Ideneb v1.5.1, Install works, error happens after boot

Pc model: SX2800-03 (a weird gateway pc, check it out at there site)


bootloader: Chameleon v1.0.2 and dsdt patcher


Good luck with the help!!! ;)


Also I need to state this: my pc is a slim pc, it is a third the size of a regular desktop. The video card is a low profile model (which is why I didn't by a Geforce GTX 500 series). Another thing is that a lot of hardware is integrated like sound so I hope this will help you out! :)


(Remember, check this model out at gateway's site so you can find more information)

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Personally if i had a computer as nice as yours i would be trying to install snow leopard (which is probably easy that messing around distros). But whatever floats your boat.


Perhaps you should try your luck with another distro like iPC final. (BTW that was the only distro i could get working on my computers)

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