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Blackscreen after formatting Partition on System Disc

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Unfortunately my fully functioning SL10.6.7 on a Dualboot with Win7 stopped working completely due to free-up some discspace on two empy partitions on the SnowLeopard-System HD. (The System+Programm Partition kept untouched!)


HDD1 is a 500GB with Win7 fully working.

HDD2 is a 1TB with SL10.6.7 (it was working stable so far!) with 4Partitions. Part1=System+Programms,

Part2+3=(free HFS guid Partition),


HDD3 and 4 are the future Raid1.


I needed some free space and erased the Partition2 and 3 from HFS to NT-Filesystem (in OSX DiscUtility)


After i reboot into WIN7 to check something the Part3 wich i have some shared data is not found!!

In the discmanager shows that the hole HDD2 is partitioned(as intended) but the "%free disc space tab" says 100% on all partitions!?!


Means that i have in Discutility selected hole HDD2 to erase, and the whole Data+System+Programs are history?

(I dont think that i have the hd selected, but now i am unsure! Never thought that will happen to me)


I booted the OSX in to verbose mode and took a photo:



Help is much appreciated!!!

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