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Not Working Mobility Radeon 6850m (Granville)


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i need help with this card ...i get only a black screen if i boot latest chameleon with GE=Yes, here the hardware info :




PCI Express 2.0 x16: AMD Radeon HD 6850M (Acer)

Informationsliste Wert

Grafikprozessor Eigenschaften

Grafikkarte AMD Radeon HD 6850M (Acer)

BIOS Version

BIOS Datum 01/17/11,05:30:1

GPU Codename Granville

Teilenummer BR039168.009

PCI-Geräte 1002-68A8 / 1025-050E (Rev 00)

Transistoren 1040 Mio.

Fertigungstechnologie 40 nm

Gehäusefläche 170 mm2

Bustyp PCI Express 2.0 x16 @ x16

Speichergröße 1 GB

GPU Takt 100 MHz (Original: 675 MHz)

RAMDAC Takt 400 MHz

Pixel Pipelines 16

Texture Mapping Units 40

Unified Shaders 800 (v5.0)

DirectX Hardwareunterstützung DirectX v11

Pixel Füllrate 1600 MPixel/s

Texel Füllrate [ TRIAL VERSION ]



Bustyp GDDR3

Busbreite 128 Bit

Tatsächlicher Takt 200 MHz (DDR) (Original: 800 MHz)

Effektiver Takt 400 MHz


thanks 4 ur help

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Any word on wether or not your were able to get that card working? I have been considering two different laptops for a hackintosh and they both have AMD graphics.


Acer Aspire 7750g which has a 6850M




HP DV7T which has a 6770M


Does anyone know if either of these will work? preferably the 6850M.

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