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iMovie 11 crash

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I've successfully installed LeoHazard on my PC (AMD athlon64 3500+, GT240, 2Gb mem. and 80 Gb HDD), then upgraded it to 10.6.7 by using the combo update and the legacy kernel 10.7.0.


Then, I just installed iMovie 11 successfully in order to be able to import AVCHD files from my Panasonic GH2 camera (iMovie 09 cannot do that). I also updated it to the latest version.

I am now able to work on my film. Good.

Everything has been fine so far.


The problems raise when I try to export the project, be it in HD 1080p, HD 720p, by using Quicktime or not: sometimes it works fine but most often than not iMovie crashes, or the computer reboots, or there is a KP, or the computer freezes.

The error message, when there is one (e.g. KP), is never talkative: invalid instruction ...


Well, it drives me crazy, especially when exporting a 15 min. film takes 3 hours and it crashes at 5 min. from the end (note that sometimes it crashes right from the beginning).


I tried uninstalling Perian like I found out in the Apple forums, clearing the cache for iMovie, rebooting in safe mode then rebooting again, re-installing everything from scratch, but nothing changes.


Does anybody experience the same thing?

Any idea?





A picture of the KP I got tonight if ever this can give a clue to s.o.



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I may have found why I've had this behavior so far.

It came to me that the culprit might not be iMovie11 even if lots of users report problems with it, or my using an AMD with OSX, but the RAM.

I checked in the BIOS, and I realized I had set the RAM timings recommended for an Intel proc. As those timings are not the same for an AMD proc, I fixed that, and guess what, exporting from iMovie11 seems to go better (2 successful exports so far).

Moreover, my project export that was taking 3 hours before is now accomplished in 1 hour time!

Apparently, the old RAM settings were not an issue under Windows 7, but they were on OSX.

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