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iOS 5 announced, features Android-like Notifications system


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Apple has unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 5. The new OS is set to be released in the "fall" of this year, no doubt inline with the yet-to-be-announced, fifth-generation of the iPhone. This year marks the first WWDC since 2008 that a new iPhone was not announced.


iOS 5 packs some attractive new features, one of the most notable and requested being an all-new notifications system. Simply swiping down from the top of the screen reveals a very Andriod-like interface where you can see notifications on an app-by-app basis, and feature widgets towards the top such as weather or a stock ticker.




Other major new features include iMessage which enables free data messaging over 3G and Wi-Fi between iOS devices - a bit like WhatsApp and KIK, but this time built-in to the existing "Messages" app, and presumably not cross-compatible to Android or BlackBerry users, so don't go deleting your existing data messaging apps just yet! Features are similar to the aforementioned third party apps, including group messaging, seeing when the other person's typing, send photos & videos, etc.


Camera gets some tweaking, now with the ability to take a picture using the volume '+' button: a nice touch which was seen previously on the third party Camera+ app from Taptaptap which wasn't allowed on the App store when they originally introduced this feature. Looks like APple not only back-tracked on that decision but also nicked it for themselves!


Twitter gets its claws into iOS 5 with system-level integration, giving you the ability to tweet content from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, etc. and deep integration with the address book so you can simply type a friends name without having to remember their Twitter username.


Another major benefit from iOS 5 is to finally be able to sync over Wi-Fi: something some users have been so desperate for they've turned to jailbreaking their iPhones to enjoy this functionality before Apple's official support. Furthermore, Apple are now making iOS devices PC-free, meaning that you won't be prompted to set an iOS device up with a PC or Mac in the future, as they can run independently should you wish.


For the full-list of features and screenshots, head on over to Apple's iOS 5 page for more details.

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