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Nvidia Tesla c1060


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I would like to get my tesla c1060 working for CUDA/OpenCL on my mac. I have installed all of the possible parts of the CUDA package, yet deviceQuery is reporting no available CUDA devices. My main card is ATI6870, which works fine.


I am using latest Chimera as a bootloader with GraphicsEnabler=Yes, is there any way to enhance the injector to support the Tesla? I believe the only reason why it's not included is its lack of monitor output but it should still be usable for computational usage.


To my surprise, following kexts are actually loaded on startup:





Which tells me that the drivers are getting loaded - but what does that actually mean?


Is there any way to give it a "kick"? I had an issue getting the card running under linux (Ubuntu 11.04), deviceQuery also can not see it until I run sudo nvidia-smi -L, which seems to activate the card in some way. Is there anything similar to this on a Mac side?


Thanks a lot, getting this working would save me a great deal of dualbooting headaches.


Please see the attachment - it shows what I am currently getting in the System Profiler


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