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IOPCIFamily.kext causing problems


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I was trying to hack my ATI card to work with my hackintosh, and I was mostly successfull. Callisto worked fine, which was a good start. However, I went to install IOPCIFamily.kext ( 1.7 I think), and I went to restart, and now my OSX will not boot up. I will get to the Apple loading screen, and then I get a message to "Restart my Machine".


I booted up in Verbose mode and saw the dependency problems that ATIRadeon9700 was having. My IOPCIFamily version is 1.7, but the IOGraphicsFamily and IONDRVFamily are 1.4.3. So, this is probably the reason why my machine is not booting up. I have the JaS 10.4.6 DVD, so I'm thinking I can go get the .kexts from the DVD that are from 10.4.5 and stick them in there.


My question is how can I get to those .kexts from the DVD and place them into my system directory. Do I have to boot into Terminal from my DVD and replace?

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