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AMD 10.6.4 Retail CPU/GPU Temp Monitor[Updated]

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So I successfully installed 10.6.3 retail on my amd rig,updated to 10.6.4(with 10.6.4 legacy kernel) and the graphics 1.0 update(for my 5670) and everything is looking awesome! So now I want to get some temps from my cpu, I've used istat, but it only shows my hdd temps,is there a way to get istat or any program to read the cpu temps? and possibly my HD5670 temps aswell? If Someone could please help me get one step closer to getting my hackintosh fully complete I would really appreciate it. Thanks. :)


Update: I've located a radeonmonitor.kext that shows my 5670 temp,but still no CPU temps, I tried the fakesmc as well,but still nothing..... http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?...c=1643&st=0


2nd Update: I installed the acpimonitor.kext from that link in my first update, now i can see all my temps and fan speeds,only issues I'm having are its not reading my external hdd temp and its not reading all 4 of my cores but only 1.......also the CPU and northbridge sensors seemed to be swapped around........

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