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Asus A8n-Sli guide for leopard


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Ok it's my first tutorial so feel free to comment or to ask questions.

Hope you understand my english, i do my best lol.

Things you need:

2 Ide drives, or 1working osx and another ide drive.

the link with the comboupdater

hardware used:


Asus a8n-sli deluxe motherboard

AMD Athlon 64bit 3000+ (1,8ghz)

1,5GB dual channel ram

MSI 8400gs 256mb ram

1DVD-rw IDE ata liteon

2 IDE ata Hard drives (maxtor)


Don't give yourself a hard time trying to get sata to work, cuz i didn't get it done. Save the trouble and buy a cheap Ide Hard drive.


1) Ok, first to start go into the bios and disable the Sata controller (onboard devices i believe), then exit and saved changes.

Make sure your hard drive is set to master (with jumpers) and not to cable select, this takes care of the "still waiting for root device", also check your DVD-drive if it's slave.


2) Find yourself a copy of the famous OSX 10.5.2 zephyroth AMD/intel install

(google torrent or something)

then download the ideneb 10.5.8 comboupdate+toolpack (still many thanks to the team who made this, worked flawlessly here)


3)Boot from your installation DVD 10.5.2 Zephyroth, and start disk utility.

Click your drive, press the partition tab, Make it 1 partition (dropdown box), click options and select mbr (thats what i took). When this is done, change the name to your needs and select mac OS journaled


4)leave the disk utility and select the hard disk to install on, then hit costumize installation


5) make sure to select the folowing:

- Toh Kernel 9.2.0

- Audio: AC97

- Chipset: Nforce

- Network - lan - Forcedeth

- Bootloader: MBR Efi

Personally i don't select graphics drivers cuz they can cause troubles starting OSX for the first time


6) skip dvd-check and watch it installing osx.


7) When your pc reboots, leave the disk in tray, and fill in the necessary fields


Normally you would have a working 10.5.2 system.




Now we go upgrade it to 10.5.8 with the help of ideneb's comboupdater.


You need 2 ide drives if you do it my way, or else you boot from a working installation, with the fresh installed 10.5.2 as secondary drive.


What i did was the folowing: i clone'd my hard drive to anotherone using disc utility, and installed Chameleon RC4 on the cloned drive, to get a fully working bootable 10.5.2 backup drive.

So my disc where the folowing

1) OSX Leo backup

2) OSX Leo 10.5.2 (gonna upgrade to 10.5.8)


Then i restarted with my Leo backup (with chameleon RC4 loader) set as first drive, and the other drive as secondary drive.


When i came to desktop of my backup i installed iDeneb.MacOSx86ComboUpd10.5.8.pkg to the 2nth drive (osx leo 10.5.2)


selected ANV kernel and leave the rest default


After this i rebooted and installed my graphics. everything should be working now under 10.5.8


When you need some help feel free to ask





link to the updater:


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