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Problem With AMD Gigabyte-m720

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hey guys now i need some help , a friend of mine wanted mac so bad to work with logic and stuff then i did try to install mac with the hazard dvd but i didnt work coz of the kernel


that didnt support the gigabyte m720 amd board. then i did try the iaktos v7 dvd this works well as i push on the bios the ahci mod.


okay well then he installs mac osx and trys to boot he see chameleon but he cant start mac it just crashes and reboot the computer and windows told him that he have to fix the bootmgr.


then he trys to change back from ahci to ide but that didnt work aswell he trys to start mac then bam 1 sek and the pc reboots.


he got a Gigabyte board m720 with nforce 720d chips and a amd athlon x2


i hope somebody can help me thx alot


Edit: or do you guys think its better to get a retail edition?

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