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Getting the right resolution w/ Nvidia Ge force 7300


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I bought a Dell Insprion E1505 its technical specs are


2.0 ghz core duo

256 ge force 7300 graphics card

1 gb ram

100 GB 7200rpm SATA HD

Sound blaster advanced audio


I found OSX to work great but I have a problem with the resolution, my laptops standard is 1680x1050. How can I get my OSX to run on this resolution given my graphics card. I am have OSX version 10.4.6 and the 10.4.7 upgrade.


btw, im also very new at all of this, any help would be apprecated

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1°) Before doing anything, you should try to test if this resolution really works with your installation :


- When you boot into osx, hit quickly (without waiting) the "F8" key.

- The Darwin prompt appear. Then try to type this :


-f "Graphics Mode"="1680x1050x32"


(i don't know if the "-f" is really required, you can't try without it also)


and hit the "Enter" key.


1°) If you think it's working, you should try to edit the following file :




search for the string : "Graphics Mode"


If it's not there, you should try to add the following 2 lines, or change them if they are already there to :


<key>Graphics Mode</key>



Be absolutely sure that your monitor support that resolution!


Don't add a refresh rate ! One time i tried to replace this line by <string>1280x1024x32@75</string> and all i got was a lot of bugs!


Of course you have to reboot once the .plist is modified and saved.


Try this and tell me if it works.

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