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dell inspiron one 2305 hackintosh HELP!


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Ok guys, heres the deal. Been working on this project for about 4-5 months already, i've done countless hours of reading and researching and here is how far i got. I have a dell inspiron one 2305 all in one desktop. Specs is Amd motherboard anthlon II x 2, ati radeon 4250hd video card, 4gigs, duo core, and thx studio sound card. I try alot of different method but the only one that seem to work was by nawcom cd with retail snow leopard 10.6.3. I follow the instruction verbetum with a few slight modification. When i got the nawcom boot page, i removed boot cd, and put in retail snow leopard, F5 and enter. The normal boot text and everything, but was never able to fully boot. So i read on other forums and got some ideas one was entering busratio=20 when swapping out boot cd with snow leopard. And guess what it worked. I got to the installation page disable and enable everything that nawcom suggested under customize, and i was on my way. The problem i am having now is sound doesn't work right, sleep doesn't work, and my touchscreen doesn't work. I try busratio=8 and reinstall again (was a suggestion from another person on a different forum) and sound seems to work until i install boot chameleon. Sound will work now if i wiggle my mouse back and forth rapidly. (Seem like the music or sound is moving too fast for the computer to keep up and play). My touchscreen does work but only if i had the mouse pointed to the selection (where before on window 7 i was able to point to any selection without the mouse and select). I really wouldn't care so much but upon the several installation i was doing, i forgot to partition my hard drive and i accidentally formatted my computer and lost window 7(noob at this lol), so now im basically stuck with trying to perfected or come as close to perfect with my pc with snow leopard. From what i've read no one has try this method on this pc, so i know asking to perfected this pc is probably next to impossible, but any pointer or suggestion would be appreciated. Just to let yall know to, i try installing snow leopard 10.6.6 from nawcom too, but the one thing i didn't like was my safari would crash. And just to let yall know that i've tried everything that i have came across, i must have reinstall atleast over a hundred times with different combinations of commands, and download i got from other forum (kexts). PLEASE HELP (sorry for the long story but i wanted to make sure that everyone saw what i did from step 1 to 10, i hope i didn't miss anything either). Thank you in advance.

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