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gigabyte ep35-ds3

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hi everybody ,im new to the forum and hackintosh in general so any help would be grately appreciated


so heres the deal

system: gigabyte-ep35-ds3 board

: nvidia 8800gts 640mb

: various sata drives

: intel core 2 quad q6600

: 8gb ddr2 at 800mhz

:zalaman modular psu 600w


i used hackboot v5 to instal snowleopard ,procedure went smooth once installed sytem was usable bar no sound and a few fidly things probably easily fixed i straightaway updated to 10.6.7 , bios set to boot from cd snowleopard drive is present in hack boot v5 but when you click it it wont boot into it im guessing 10.6.7 isnt suported ?


so if anyone can help it would be greatly apreciated ,and i am starting from scratch now .....sorry if this is in the wrong section


cheers faolan

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thanks MaLd0n :)


ok so installed via hb5, the installed chameleon and ran dsdt autopacher, turned of sytem and powered back on booting from my os drive ,bootloader functioned but stystem crashed on apple startup logo ??



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