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Installing OSx86 10.6 on an Acer Aspire one KAV60?

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I went to school with the intention of installing OSx86 on a friends computer... I went to school and did so (the computer is an Acer Aspire one KAV60 so I used an external dvd drive). when I did so, all I got was not the chameleon boot loader but just a blinking cursor... I searched the problem on the internet and found the answer, and rebooted. I then came across an unknown kernel panic which I didn't have time to google so I just reinstalled with a couple different kexts front the installation DVD. upon installing this time, it booted successfully until I got to the part where you are supposed to enter your information and instead of the introduction to mac, there is just a black screen with no cursor...

NOTE: this is NOT the welcome loop thing (it was the only thing I could find when searching on the internet for my problem).


Any help is appreciated,

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