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[DONE!] My "Still waiting for root decice" solution on JaS 10.4.7


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Hi, guys! :)


I have 10.4.7 and use it in 2 different platforms: a Pemtium M/855Pm; a Celeron 1.7/albatron 845PE PROII.


With the 10.4.7 DVD in my hands, I just finish installing perfectly on my notebook(Pemtium M/855Pm). Boot directly into OS, with clear and large sound from speaker, only some bug with mobility readon 9600pro, but all visual effects works fine.


As you can see, some ppl do sucessfully install 10.4.7 with 845PE board by MSI, in the 10.4.7 HCL


And I also have used some other old version of OSx86 DVD to make it installed on exactly the same mother board(albatron 845PE PROII.)

without any patches(but sound cannot work, then.)

So, I totally have no clue what's going wrong on the albatron 845PE PROII side, except for the 3 snaps as below:











thanks for your help & reply





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I find the answer, finally.


You can read all the thread with "still waiting for root device" and get installed in first place.


But after successfully installed, I find there are still some trick to make it really boot.


these are the steps:

1) HDD and ODD all set to "Cable Select", strip on PRIMARY cable(IDE0).


2) Disable onboard LAN PHY(CHIP)


3) set your IRQ/IO of serial port like this:



4) connet only one (or try both) your SATA HDD to onboard SATA chip. (Mine is PROMISE PDC20376)



In this scenario, it can successfully run into installation screen, until you finish installation

and try to make your system 1st boot, it halted again.


So, here is the solution I find out:

5) Remove the SATA HDD which orginally is connected during installaiton, then you can boot with OS HDD!


Also, the sound chip works greatly on the Albatron 845PE PRO II!

But I find the BenQ DW-400A could disapear if you reboot OS again! But it do recgnize by BIOS.



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